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It was a birthday that started everything:

It was a birthday that started everything:
The actual day of foundation of NOWASTE was the 17.09.2009 – the 8th birthday of Mia. And it was a birthday as it should be.

Lots of guests, beautiful day, delicious stuff from the barbecue, lots of cakes… and, as we witnessed in the evening, lots of waste: plastic cups, paper plates, plastic forks. An entire sack!


Then it dawned on us, we need to act, we need to do it differently.
In a world where oceans “vomit” at the beaches, where hills of rubbish become mid mountains, where human beings become knowingly or unknowingly the greatest threat of the eco system and its balance – there we intended to place our contribution.

We are movers and shakers, thus it was clear to us from the very beginning:

We didn´t want an idealistic approach, we wanted practicable and reasonable solutions.


The motto is: Get away from not biodegradable plastic waste piles, away from squandering resources –

and move towards useful, shapely and interesting products.
It is possible, intelligent and with respect to the future long overdue. And the beginning of the success story of NOWASTE.


With one goal: NO WASTE !

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: Product Development
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Stock / Logistics
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