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Quality promise

In our industry quality is usually communicated via a long list of certificates. We have them too, some you find below. However, we go a step further and promise you personally the quality of our products. We really mean it!



NOWASTE is more than just a company name

it is our promise:

  • We develop reusable solutions.

  • We produce all our products out of renewable raw materials and natural minerals.

  • All cups and products are functional, stylish and comply with all common technical requirements.

  • At the end of their life cycle all our products are  biodegradable.

  • With conviction we produce in Germany, thus guaranteeing high quality and short distances.

This means in detail:

Bio based Polymer

All our products are produced out of renewable raw materials and natural minerals.
In concrete terms this means: starch, glucose, lignin (tree resins), vegetable oils, waxes and mineral fillers. In short, all materials are free from any toxic substances (BPA FREE).

View DINCERTO Certificate

Dish washer safe

Our ®treecups last for a long time. Though, we don´t know exactly how long as our company is too young. However, at official dishwasher-safety tests of the TÜV Rheinland it turned out that even after 250 rinsing cycles within one week only minimal optical alterations were perceptible. Within our company and at home as well we are still using cups of the first generation, that means since more than 7 years.


Whenever you are done with your ®treecup, there is no problem whatsoever,
contrary to conventional plastic cups with respect to their environmental impact. Nonetheless, don´t just through it in the forest or on compost heap. Its raw materials are too valuable for this. The most sustainable solution is the professional recycling,
i.e. the energy recovery through a biogas plant or via industrial composting –
which fully decomposes our ®treecup within 180 days. Anyway, the for sure easiest way is sending it back to us. We take care of it and channel it back into the cycle of usable products.

View OWS Statement

Food Safe

Our cups are absolutely safe when they come into contact with foodstuffs. According to the tests by the Institut ISEGA the treecupsmay be used safely as drinking cups for all type of hot and cold beverages. The treecups are certified by ISEGA.

View test report

Made in Germany

We design and produce renewable solutions made out of regenerative raw materials which are natural and biodegradable. The production of raw materials and manufacturing of TREECUP takes place in Germany. Thus we can guarantee premium quality and short distances.

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take-back garantie

If you have enough of your ®treecup, please do not just throw it into the forest or the compost. Its raw materials are too valuable. The best is to send us your treecup.
We take care of it and lead it back into the material cycle.

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